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Gemischtes Doppel – Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop


Windows- und Linux-Applikationen mit Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop bereitstellen (1)

Gemischtes Doppel

Hinter Open Virtual Desktop des französischen Herstellers Ulteo verbirgt sich eine interessante Terminalserver-Plattform auf Open Source-Basis. Mit ihrer Hilfe können Administratoren Windows- und Linux-Anwendungen übers Netzwerk bereitstellen. In der soeben erschienenen Version 4 funktioniert das – HTML5 sei Dank – jetzt auch ganz ohne Client, am PC oder Mac genauso wie am Smartphone oder Tablet. Wir haben einen Blick auf die neuen Features geworfen und geben einen Überblick über das Deployment der Lösung.

September 2014 / Thomas Zeller
[Rubrik: Schwerpunkt | Beitragsart: Workshop] Den vollständigen Beitrag finden Sie in der Ausgabe September 2014 des IT-Administrator von Seite 88 bis 90.

Safe Circuit – Redo Backup in US Issue of Admin Magazine

redo-admin-magazineSafe Circuit

Article from ADMIN 22/2014
By Thomas Zeller
Redo Backup backs up complete hard drives locally or over a network. The focus is on simple operation and high reliability in a variety of deployment scenarios.

Redo Backup and Recovery backs up all the data on a computer, including the boot manager and operating system. In an emergency, it can thus completely restore the old state, and you can get back to work immediately.

What Is Redo Backup?

Redo Backup [1] is an application based on an Ubuntu Live CD for easy backup and restore of an entire hard disk, including all partitions and the Master Boot Record (MBR). The current release was 1.0.4 when this issue went to press. It is based on Ubuntu 12.04.1 (LTS) but uses Openbox as a desktop window manager and provides only the applications necessary for use as a backup or rescue system.

Redo Backup is immediately ready for use after burning the 250MB image file to CD. To back up virtual machines, you can also integrate it directly as a virtual CD drive. A virtual machine that boots from the CD image lets you check out the backup system on a running system.

What Redo Backup Can Do …

Redo Backup combines the advantages of a reliable operating system with extensive hardware support on a Live CD with the advantages of the Partclone [2] partition tool. For the latter, Redo Backup provides a greatly simplified graphical front end (Figure 1). The main use case for Redo Backup is thus backing up to or restoring the following media types (Figure 2):